Our Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Just Hatched products:

Is your shampoo "tear-free"?

There really is no such thing as a product that can guarantee that it won’t burn or be uncomfortable if it gets in the eyes. However, there are products that contain milder surfactants (sudsing agents), and when these are used, manufacturers say that their products are ‘tear free’.

Based on this explanation, Just Hatched is ‘tear free’. In other words, we use mild surfactants in the making of our products.

Are your products safe for babies with sensitive skin?


Can I find Just Hatched products in retail stores?

Yes, you can find Just Hatched at select Walgreens, Shoprite, Discount Drug Mart, and Shopko. And the list is growing…

What does it mean to be sulfate-free?

A sulfate-free personal care product is one that does not contain sulfate ingredients.  These can include sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, to name a few. These chemicals are inexpensive, yet powerful detergents that aid in the foaming nature of soap. The problem is that they can be irritating to the scalp and skin, and it is believed that they can damage hair follicles.

What does it mean to be paraben-free?

A paraben is a preservative that inhibits bacterial growth in personal care products.  Common ones are methylparaben, propylparaben and ethylparaben.  They are often used as an inexpensive method of prolonging shelf life.  These chemicals can contribute to hair and scalp problems because they remove the protective cuticle from the hair follicle.  This can result in dull and brittle hair.

What does it mean to be Phthalate Free?

Phtalates are a family of yucky man-made chemical compounds developed in the last century to be used in the manufacturing of plastics.  These chemicals are colorless, odorless, oily liquids that do not evaporate easily and do not chemically bind to the material they are added to.  Phtalates have been associated with numerous reproductive health and developmental problems.

Are any animals harmed in your product development process?

Absolutely not!  We love our animal friends just as much as our little ones!