BY (Maureen Delapena):::: So you’re an expecting mom, and you don’t want to find out the gender?  In case you change your mind, the latest trend is discovering the sex with a baby reveal party. The most common way to reveal your baby’s gender is to receive the information from your doctor. You bring the sealed envelope to your local bakery, and they create a pink or blue (or both if you’re having twins) cake. When you cut the cake open, you find out if you’ll be buying pink dresses, or blue onesies.

I did some poking around to find out what other cool ways you can reveal the gender of that bun in the oven.


Balloon surprise:

Take that envelope to your local party store. You can ask if they can fill up a black balloon with the appropriate colored tissue or confetti inside. When you are ready to find out the sex – pop the balloon! Another version of this is to ask a clerk to fill up a box with either pink or blue balloons, When you open the box, the balloons will fly out with the answer you’ve been waiting for.


I found a website you can send your envelope to that will create a question mark piñata. When you crack it open, pink or blue candy will fall revealing the gender. This would be a fun game for the kids as well as the adults.


I’m not talking about lottery tickets, but these just as fun. Send these scratcher cards out to relatives who might not be able to make your party. When they scratch the card, they will uncover what you’re little bundle of joy is going to be.


Take your sealed envelope with you to a store. Pick out a girl and a boy outfit. Hand everything over to a cashier and explain what you are doing. The cashier can pick the correct outfit to box and wrap. Don’t cheat! Try to keep the price of the outfits the same, so you’re not guessing which outfit was the one that was wrapped.

Maureen Delapena is a mother of one, and lives in San Jose, CA.

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